Grace Global Ministries


Welcome to Grace Global Ministries! If you are interested in long-term mission service, it would be our privilege to partner with you and your church to make this happen in a timely and effective manner.

Grace Global Ministries is an organization established to facilitate churches in assisting individuals who are seeking to serve in long-term mission opportunities.

This is done in two ways. First, as candidates seek to get to their field of calling, GGM provides the process by which that is accomplished. Candidates are guided through steps of preparation for the short-term and long-term goals of their ministry. In this regard, the board will provide for the orderly application of missionaries by facilitating the necessary testing, training, and authorizing of candidates.

The second service that GGM offers is to provide the on-going support of those in service by assuring that funds raised by missionaries are safeguarded and distributed in accord with the goals of both the donors and the missionaries. The organization also provides guidance when needed and assistance in times of crisis.

Explore this website to understand how we can work with you and your church to accomplish the goals God has laid upon your heart to reach a work hungry for the good news.